Friday, June 15, 2007

Here is a story from my days at retail sales and then I will tie it into poker.

One day while at a morning meeting at HH Gregg (I sold electronics - 100% commission), we were having a tent sale. This sale was to get rid of all the crap, scratch and dent, open items, etc... On this specific day, our sales manager and one of my best friends in the world, Tommy, is going to tell us how to deal with certain questions about products like, does it have a remote, are you gonna fix the broken wheel, does it have an owner's manual? etc...

One salesman was asked to stand up and be the customer, Tommy would be the salesman. Each question that was asked about a "tent sale" item, Tommy answered with the same 2 words, "AS IS." After 4 or 5 questions where Tommy answered that phrase, each time in a slightly different tone, his answer was not only funny, but worked. The customer was going to realize that the only thing that matters about this item was that it is going to be sold, "AS-IS." Or otherwise, that is all that's important at this juncture.

Now let's tie this into poker in a little less detail. Yesterday I was talking to an internet poker buddy who is alot more successful that I am. I asked him a few questions about when to call big raises in PL and NL08. Should I call with A3xx, or A4xx, or A2xx, or AAxx, what should I be calling with against some of the tougher players? Each time the answer was the same one word, "POSITION." Wow, that word has been plastered into my mind all day today while playing and I just murdered the tables again, it's been a good month, but today seemed a little different as it seemed more effortless. And the reason is that today when I was faced with a tough decision whether to call, bet, or raise, the only thing that popped into my mind was that one word, "POSITION."

My god, it's amazing how you can play a game for so long and have good success, yet not be near as successful as you could be. Look at Phil, it doesn't get any better at Hold'em than him. You can be damn sure position is embedded in is mind, as a habit these days.

I am heading into the WSOP PL08 tourneys next week with my best month ever, playing well, getting lucky and learning more every day.

But my biggest thanks goes out to my friend, Predator, who's one word answer yesterday has me rethinking every angle and strategy. Sometimes it takes the easiest phrases to change things in your life. Never stop asking questions, for you reap more than you'll ever know.

See you on the 22nd in Vegas.