Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Let's look at a hand from yesterday that I see commonly misplayed, board pairing on the flop.

1/2 NL Omaha 8. Four players limp in preflop and we get a JJ4 flop. The player UTG raises all-in for $100, the two middle players fold and it's up to me on the button. First thing I look at is the player. His vp was 66.2, so I know that he plays about anything and his bb/100 hands is -19.2 over 4000 hands. This guy is a major donk.

So, what do I do? Here is where you look at the one card that no one seems to pay attention to in Omaha Hi/Low, the KICKER! I have the ace kicker. If my opponent does not have J4 or 44, then I am a 57-43 favorite and I want to call. If he does have a J4, then well, I have 9 cards to fill up higher and am behind 63-37.

Bottom line: I made the right call and he rivered a 3 to beat me. Oh well, that's poker. I am going to lose 43 out of 100 times on that but the goal is to get your money in when you are the favorite.

Also, keep in mind the player you have making this bet. If he is a tight player, he may have something like a24J, in which you are badly beat if you call.

In my hand, if you replace the 9Q with a couple of low cards, my percentage goes up to 70-30 or so, helping with backdoor low possibilities.

Remember, a pair on the board many times means a full house will hit or has hit. A higher kicker than your opponent gives you the advantage if no full house is made.
So if you are playing NL08 and have trips with the ace, don't hesitate to push, most times you are leading.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

This site will be focus on something that is very hard to find information out there on, Pot Limit and No Limit Omaha Hi/Low.

If you want to learn and win at this game, then this is the site for you. I will pull no punches, if you have a question, ask!!!!!!

I will give daily hand examples and give options on how to play them, as well as some food for thought.

Please let me know what features you would like to see, I will do my best to add them.